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Datu statistika iekš Calc Use the data statistics in Calc to perform complex data analysis To work on a complex statistical or engineering analysis, you can save steps and time by using Calc Data Statistics.

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You provide the data and parameters for each analysis, and the set of tools uses the appropriate statistical or engineering functions to calculate and display the results in an output table. Iztvērums Create a table with data sampled from another table.

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Lai piekļūtu šai komandai Choose Data - Statistics - Sampling Sampling allows you to pick data from a source table to fill a target table. The sampling can be random or in a periodic basis. Sampling is done row-wise.

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That means, the sampled data will pick the whole line of the source table and copy into a line of the target table. Dati Input Range: The reference of the range of the data to analyze. Results to: The reference of the top left cell of the range where the results will be displayed.

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Izlases ieguves metode Random: Picks exactly Sample Size lines of the source table in a random way. Sample size: Number of lines sampled from the source table.

Olasılık ve İstatistik : Gamma Fonksiyonuna Ait Özellikler (Properties of Gamma Function)

Periodic: Picks lines in a pace defined by Period. Period: the number of lines to skip periodically when sampling. Example The following data will opcijas gamma koeficients used as example of source data table for sampling: A.

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